How to buy Bitcoin

How do I buy bitcoin?


Coinbase is another great company that makes it easy to buy and use bitcoin. You'll sing up for an account, and you can buy bitcoin using a credit/debit card AND/OR you can buy bitcoins through your PAYPAL account. Once you are singed up and you link your card, paypal account, or bank account, all you do is buy the amount you need for your order. Upon checkout you are given our wallet address. You can log in to your coinbase account, and simply send the amount of money needed for your order. OR we can send you an invoice through that you can pay with one click. Once you have bitcoin, it is incredibly easy to buy from . 

How do I buy without using Bitcoin?

On, we only accept digital currencies (only bitcoin right now). If you want to buy our products w/o paying w/ bitcoin, we still ship COD's (same day shipment), and money orders through or .  All COD's are shipped same day if placed by 3 pm Central time. Pay the mail carrier at the time of delivery, or they will leave a slip you can then take to the post office to pay for and pick up your package. 
Wholesale orders of 5 kg's+ of powdered material, or 1 kg+ of extract can pay with bitcoin or via bank wire.